Wizz Jones - 2SS #2

Mr Wizz Jones is a true legend, at the ripe age of 76 (as we type) Wizz has been around the block and some.

We had Wizz over at the studio for a fantastic acoustic session and even got time to sit down with him and have a little chat. This resulted in a very long interview that we captured on film.

Before we get onto the interview, lets have a little talk about the fabulous acoustic set he done for us at 2 Seas Sessions. We always like to get 5 or 6 tracks from any artist that comes to the studio and thought at his age we would struggle. Little did we know that Wizz is a hardcore player and a trooper and we ended up with 9 tracks.

Wizz was joined by his son Simeon who played sax, flute and harmonica as well as backing vocals. Both of them true Gentlemen and a credit to the music industry. Take a look at the session they did, it is just wonderful.

So the interview, Wizz chats away about all sorts of things and people, including Rod Stewart, Billy Connolly, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton and may many more. We have edited the interview in to bite size pieces so you can enjoy them.

We will later upload a full length video interview. If you are not aware of the Magic of Wizz Jones then get to know now, if you do know him then you are really going to enjoy this interview and the acoustic session he did for us

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