Scott Booth – 2SS #12

Scott Booth – One Man with Deep Layers

Having Scott over from the UK was a highlight for us in regards of both musical talent and good times. The Talent: when we first heard about Scott and checked him out online, we like many people we imagine, thought he was using a loop machine and layering tracks. This is impressive of course but when it was pointed out to us that he is not and it is all played 100% live with Effects, it blew our minds. Super talent and super nice guy, read on.

The first thing we noticed about Scotts set up is his guitar. Scott plays an Auden guitar, a brand we had not heard off. What a beautiful item and Scott swears by them.

Check them out here –

With a few effect pedals, we are ready to go. Cameras ready and Adrian in the mixing room we are off. Scott’s sound is totally mesmerising, sweeping trippy tones that just keep on building with super fast on-point guitar playing, the hairs on my arms are standing on end from the get-go. With a look over to my camera partner in crime, we both know we are filming something very special. Scott then steps it up a gear by hitting the body of his guitar and using an electronic kick drum, Minds now blown. So we have hippy trip atmospheric sounds that morph into beautiful stylish guitar playing with an electronic dance music heartbeat: Good Times!

No words can really explain this sound so check the man himself out in the videos.