Jose Neto – 2SS #13

A ray of sunshine suddenly blessed us at 2SeasSession with the arrival of one of the worlds most influential guitar players to grace the planet, Ladies and Gentlemen Jose Neto is in the house.

Jose was in Bahrain playing with Steve Winwood and yes we managed to grab him, it was a bit touch and go.

The story goes a little like this. We are in touch and talking to the great James Towler who is doing (FOH) front of house for the Winwood gig (Check James out if you have not already, this guy is the king of sound) We make the call to James asking is there any chance we can get to Jose, to our surprise James replies “I’m sitting with him right now, but he flies out tonight, hold tight I will call you back. A few minutes later the call we wanted arrives, “He would love to come over and see you guys. BANG we are on, within an hour we are standing in our studio with a legend.

As we rush to get an amp and mic set up and sort the cameras and lighting in walks Jose with James.

A truly blessed day for us all. A Gentleman and of course one THE greatest players of all time.
Not only is Jose in the house but he arrived with his signature white Avalon Paradis guitar.
Life does not get much better than this.