Cam Cole – 2SS #17

We have been a big fan of Cam Cole for many years and finally, we have him in the studio.

Cam is a New Age Traveller from the UK, he lives in a truck with solar panels that runs on cooking oil, looks like a hippy, attends demonstrations on climate issues, hugs trees, meditates and all the things a good hippy boy would do and is proud of it. So you have an idea of what his make up is.

Now he is also a street busker who has a lot to say. Along with his Farmer’s foot pedal and his cherished old acoustic guitar, this man makes a lot of noise and good noise, no amazing noise. Cam Cole is oozing love and peace and has every single thing you could see, smell and feel in a rock star. We have no doubt that Cam Cole is going to be a huge name, the man has it all.

When he rocks it rocks and hard, when he sings an acoustic heartfelt track he brings you to tears. His love for his music is over apparent and his love for a better life for us is just a given.

Cam has earned his stripes with hundreds of hours of playing and has crafted his message to perfection. As you guess we are very big fans and we are sure you will be.

Cam arrived in Bahrain and performed 10 tracks with, all of which you are going to love.

Along with these tracks, we also had time to do an on-camera interview. With a few hugs and loads of laughs, Cam was back on his way to London. It was way too short and we could have spent a year around his wonderful vibes and music.

Long Live The Cole.