Adelle Nqeto - 2SS #16

Adele Nqeto what a fabulous session this was, please enjoy.

So we get off to the worst start possible. Adelle flying in from Berlin via Istanbul misses the connecting flight. Nothing to do with poor Adelle I should add. So a six-hour delay before we can get her into Bahrain and she is of course shattered. With a few hours sleep in the bag and a wonderful calm spirit, Adelle is ready to get down to the studio. James her drummer flying in from South Africa has no flight problems and we are ready to go. Cameras rolling and we off. From the first words she sings we know this is going to be amazing, Adelle”s voice is totally mesmerizing, such a beautiful tone with truly engaging lyrics. All of us on the set has the hairs on our arms pointing to the sky.

We all know we have just taken part in something very very special.

Born and raised in South Africa and currently living in Berlin, Adelle has the sweetest tone, is an amazing songwriter and a wonderful soul, this is not just music, this is art.

“South African born and bred singer/songwriter, Adelle‘s journey into the music scene began by accident in 2012 as co-founder of the duo Flint, meet Spark. Alongside bandmate Josh Pretorius, the duo was seen playing at various South African festivals and venues and enjoyed local success as an acoustic, folk partnership between 2012-2014, which included a trip to Zambia with Greenpop on their Festival of Action in 2013.

With a continuously growing collection of songs, in 2015, Adelle decided to take a leap of faith by embarking on a solo career, taking her set of catchy, hopeful songs to South African festivals and venues. In October, 2016 she released her debut single, Make Something Beautiful – a pop-infused melancholic tune about continued hope in-spite the somewhat dire state of the human condition.

As a past-time, Adelle dabbles in the art of people-watching, day dreams about time travel (and also regular travel,) and eats ice cream.”