Playing for Change at 2Seas Sessions

We have just had the PFC band over to the studio for rehearsals before their gig at Bahrain Bay as part of the Spring of Culture. What a great bunch of people and from all around the globe.

If you are not familiar with PFC then you really should get to know what they are all about. Not only are they morphing band of extreme talent, but the concept behind the movement is also just amazing.

The basic story is songs are recorded and filmed by player around the world in single parts and then mixed with the end results being just stunning. PFC is a charitable setup and they spend the money from their revenue to open music schools around the world.

Check them out on Youtube, we are talking 700 million views as we type and the movement is forever growing. An incredible concept, played by the cream of the crop and for an amazing cause.

The PFC Band lineup includes some of the best musicians that we met throughout our journey recording and filming music around the world. The result is a unique fusion of influences and talents from the streets to the stage to the hearts of the people.

Watch the 2SeasSessions Interview here:

And go check the Foundation out here: