Hassan Bin Rashid or HBR talks to us about 5 songs that he loves and has changed his life.

Hassan Bin Rashid or HBR talks to us about 5 songs that he loves and has changed his life.

01: Sunflower – Post Malone

Great tune that simply makes me feel happy. It inspired me to go back and look at someone of the earlier stuff I did which led to a few old tunes of mine coming back to life. The older I get the more difficult it is to sift through all the new artists coming out. I connected with this tune immediately and felt it gave me a bit of a window to what people are feeling these days. So seriously play this tune, its insta feel good.

02: Down Under – Men At Work

One of the first tracks I remember growing up. From the first bar it takes me back and reminds me of a time innocence and being young. But it has taken in a new personal but darker meaning  and I now cover the song.

03: All Along The Watchtower – Dylan/Hendrix

Also a song I now cover. I like the original version and I like the Hendrix version. I first heard the Hendrix version and in my opinion I believe that it has one of the best guitar solos ever. The song and lyrics are epic! The characters, the plot, the imagery in the story telling, the scene that it sets (wind begins to howl) , and the drama – it’s like a film script. I think when you write you try to pick up things from the greats and this one is a great one to pick up from.

4: Redemption Song – Bob Marley

Bob Marley is one if the best storytellers of all time. Most of his songs can make a top 5 list for anyone anywhere in the world. And that says a lot! I love how Marley finds a fine line of making a political statement and a pop song. He’s a great communicator and uses very few words but has very powerful messages. This song reminds me how humanity can go wrong sometimes, how we have a choice to free our minds and change, how we must remember and learn from our mistakes. Powerful tune!

05: State of Love and Trust – Pearl Jam

Have to get a Pearl Jam tune in there. They can also fit a top 5 list easily. I picked this one as I’m learning it now and I remembered that when I was 18 and angry at the world I used to play this on 11 and get lost for a few minutes. Just the name of the song exemplifies Eddie Vedder and how deep he goes with his lyrics. This is a classic and definitely helps in those moments during the week when one feels 18 and and angry at the world from time to time.


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