Majaz coming in for a live session

We are excited to have Majaz coming in for a live session. Homegrown Bahrain Majaz are on top of their game right now. More info to follow.

Majaz is an earthy 4-piece Progressive Fusion Folk band from Bahrain, a small island in the Arabian Peninsula. Their progressive-driven fusion of genres, forged by their unconventional blend of instruments, has been widely recognized, making them one of the island’s most unique musical acts. Formed in 2013, Majaz has been performing live for several years and have released their first single in October 2016.

Recorded at Studio Majaz, the band’s very own self-built home studio, their first EP titled ‘Rihla’ was praised by many acclaimed musicians, both local and international. The EP was released at the beginning of 2017 and was followed by an equally successful launch.

Creating a breath of fresh air away from conventional sounds, Majaz’s performance delivers what can often be portrayed as a progressive trip that travels through different cultures, carrying its passengers towards a whirlwind of various dimensions of sound.