Led Zeppelin Cover – Black Dog / HBR

Black Dog is the opening track of the 4th album by Led Zeppelin in 1971. Talk about a classic.

HBR have done a truly beautiful acoustic cover of this. Hassan was joined by Melvin Duffy, Jamie Moses, Danny Cummings and Hamish Stuart. Check out the video of this track and the other songs that HBR performed for us at 2 Seas Sessions. Black Dog is actually written about a black dog that was hanging around the studio when the band recorded this now classic. The nameless, black Labrador Retriever wandered around the Headley Grange studios during recording. The retriever, despite his advanced age, was still sexually adventurous, like the song’s protagonist who reiterates his desperate desire for a woman’s love and the happiness it provides. Who would ever of thought it.

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