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2SS Lock-down Sessions

It has been a very strange time indeed. 2020 well what can we all say. We have all been in lock-down and COVID has changed us all.

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Jawbone – 2SS #18

Having the Jawbone chaps over for a session was a blast. We have had such a brilliant time with this lot. Super talented, super friendly, we have for sure made some new friends.

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Playing For Change’s rendition “The Weight”

Very cool selection of players on this! well done Playing For Change! A rendition of THE BAND‘s classic “The Weight” featuring Ringo Starr, Robbie Robertson and an array of incredible musicians from all around the globe, proof that we are stronger together, than when we are apart. Turn it up and let the music fill your soul. *If you wish to support our mission of connecting the world through music, we invite you to become a PFC Member:

Is Music Therapy For You?

Some like it soothing while some prefer to dance to the tune; some resort to it to escape reality while others try to find the meaning of life in lyrics, but rarely would you come across anyone who does not like music.

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