2Seas Sessions

Wizz Jones – 2ss #2

We had Wizz over at the studio for a fantastic acoustic session and even got time to sit down with him and have a little chat. This resulted in a very long interview that we captured on film.

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HBR – 2ss #1

So delighted to kick off our acoustic sessions with Hassan. He tipped up at the studio with a few legends as well.

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Phat Bollard come to 2Seas

Phat Bollard are coming over to take part in our 2Seas Session. The UK’s finest buskers Phat Bollard, social singers and all round right on

King Size Slim in the house

We have just finished our 2Seas Session number 3 with the fantastic King Size Slim. King Size or Toby as his mum calls him was

Wizz Jones - 2 Seas Sessions

Wizz Jones

Talk about a legend, we are so happy to have Mr Wizz in for a session. Bruce Springsteen has covered his songs and Eric Clapton,