2SeasSessions record & film stripped down Live Acoustic Music by Artists we love.

We have a state-of-the-art large studio set in a very private area, ensuring that artists invited to perform at 2Seas Sessions have complete privacy and are not distracted. Check out the Full Sessions below and get a proper taste of the calibre of artists we have chosen to work with:

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2SeasSession #9 – Artist Profile – The Rising Souls

Acoustic roots band 'The Rising Souls'. Rise indeed. They have captivated audiences far and wide. Performing shows across their native Scotland including a lauded performance at the internationally renowned Edinburgh Festival as well as shows south of the Scottish border across Southern England and…

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Reggae and the British Empire - 2SeasSessions Blog

Reggae and the British Empire

Reggae and the British Empire In the mythical rulebook of Rock'n'Roll, the UK has always been the place to break an act to give access to the European markets and often the rest of the World. This is particularly true with 'foreign' artists or music genres. The same is true for Jamaican music,…

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History of The Blues

Isn’t Blues just old guys whining about bad whiskey and dead dogs? The dictionary definition of blues is as follows:  A) a state of depression: "he had a bad case of the blues." or more musically: B) type of folksong that originated among Black Americans at the beginning of the…

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2SeasSessions - Acoustic Sessions Coming Soon - Mo Zowayed

Mo Zowayed 2Seas Session – Coming Very Soon!

We are super excited to announce the imminent arrival of a local talent in the shape of Mo Zowayed. Mo will be joining us for one of our Acoustic Live 2SeasSessions. Here is a little info on Mo to keep you going until we are able to share his fabulous sounds with you. Mo Zowayed is a Bahraini…

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2SeasSession #8 – Artist Profile – Msaki

Msaki is a singer-songwriter from East London in South Africa, best known for her soulful renditions of African themed folk music. Having spent the most of her youth in East London and the surrounding regions, Msaki has come far from humble beginnings and a long way on the International music…

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2Seas Session #7 – Artist Profile – Neil Cowley Trio

The Neil Cowley Trio The Neil Cowley Trio is an acoustic-jazz piano group consisting of Neil Cowley (Piano) Rex Horan (Bass) and Evan Jenkins (Drums) When Neil Cowley performed on the intro to Hometown Glory by Adele, the talented musician became one of the most listened-to pianists in the world.…

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2Seas Session #6 – Artist Profile – Phat Bollard

Phat Bollard Phat Bollard is a busking folk band and collective of intrepid travellers from Cornwall, England. Above is possibly the strangest description you are likely to read for a folk band, but this only begins to explain one side of this fascinating group from Cornwall, England. Although…

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2Seas Session #5 – Artist Profile – The Leisure Society

The Leisure Society The Leisure Society is an indie-folk bank from England, consisting of Nick Hemming (guitarist/vocals), Christian Hardy (piano/co-vocals) and Mike Siddell (Violin). Having received a nomination for a prestigious award in 2009, the best song at the Ivor Novello, the Leisure…

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2Seas Session #4 – Artist Profile – Muntu Valdo

Muntu Valdo Muntu Valdo is a Jazz singer-songwriter from Doula, Cameroon. In many ways, Valdo seems to have created his very own style of music as he blends the very traditional sounds of folk music in Cameroon with his own rhythm and melody. Muntu refers to this style as “Sawa Blues ” and there is…

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2Seas Session #3 – Artist Profile – King Size Slim

King Size Slim King Size Slim, also known as Toby Barelli, is an award-winning musician from the UK with a very distinct approach to the blues genre. King Size Slim is best known for a very experimental sound which the artist recalls as having relevance to his roots. Having toured extensively…

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