We record and film stripped down Live Acoustic Music by Artists we love. We have a state of the art large studio set in a very private area, ensuring that artists invited to perform at 2Seas Sessions have complete privacy and are not distracted.

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Session Musicians #1: Crikey, that Hassan can pick a band

2 SeasSessions: Session Musicians: “Crikey, that Hassan can pick a band!” In the studio: Take a look at any pop-stars live performance video and you’ll see on stage other musicians. You won’t necessarily know their name or their face but they look cool and certainly not out-of-place in their…

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Real Music – Real Music Venues

Real Music: Real Music Venues "Yeah, tonight we're at the Enormo-dome" To see a stadium rock show is a singularly impressive thing. The sheer scale of the production is dominating, massive speaker stacks hung from high scaffolds, stage lights strung in between steel-trussing like packs of the…

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All The Gear – Part Two: The equipment that made Rock ‘n’ Roll

All the gear: The equipment that made Rock 'n' Roll Part two of a review of the gear that made the sound of Rock’n’Roll In the previous article, we covered electric guitar and bass amplification, electric guitars and the electric bass. Here we look at keyboards, drums and vocal microphones. Hammond…

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All The Gear – Part One: The equipment that made Rock ‘n’ Roll

All the gear: The equipment that made Rock 'n' Roll A two-part review of the ‘gear' that is the sound of Rock 'n' Roll Take a look at a photo of the Rolling Stones, the Ramones, The Bob Marley and the Wailers in performance or Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and the Foo Fighters or any big name act and on…

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History Of The Guitar - 2SeasSessions

The Guitar: A potted history of the worlds’ most accessible instrument

The Guitar: A potted history of the worlds' most accessible instrument Guitar Stores. Where dreams begin. In any given town of a fair size pretty much anywhere in the world you'll find a store either dedicated to or at least proudly displaying guitars. Acoustic, Electric, and Classical guitars.…

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The Music Industry: What happens now all the money has gone?

The Music Industry: What happens now all the money has gone? Way, way back, before music could be recorded and stored and sold on a plastic disc, people would buy sheet music. An A4 pamphlet contained within the ‘charts' or music manuscript to the latest tune or dance to be interpreted through the…

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2SeasSession #9 – Artist Profile – The Rising Souls

Acoustic roots band 'The Rising Souls'. Rise indeed. They have captivated audiences far and wide. Performing shows across their native Scotland including a lauded performance at the internationally renowned Edinburgh Festival as well as shows south of the Scottish border across Southern England and…

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Reggae and the British Empire - 2SeasSessions Blog

Reggae and the British Empire

Reggae and the British Empire In the mythical rulebook of Rock'n'Roll, the UK has always been the place to break an act to give access to the European markets and often the rest of the World. This is particularly true with 'foreign' artists or music genres. The same is true for Jamaican music,…

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History of The Blues

Isn’t Blues just old guys whining about bad whiskey and dead dogs? The dictionary definition of blues is as follows:  A) a state of depression: "he had a bad case of the blues." or more musically: B) type of folksong that originated among Black Americans at the beginning of the…

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2SeasSessions - Acoustic Sessions Coming Soon - Mo Zowayed

Mo Zowayed 2Seas Session – Coming Very Soon!

We are super excited to announce the imminent arrival of a local talent in the shape of Mo Zowayed. Mo will be joining us for one of our Acoustic Live 2SeasSessions. Here is a little info on Mo to keep you going until we are able to share his fabulous sounds with you. Mo Zowayed is a Bahraini…

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